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Western Regional A & S College
July 31 - Aug. 2, 1998
If you are interested in teaching a class there is still time to sign up.

Here is an update of classes to be taught:

Courtly & Country Dance - Mistress Evelyn du Mont
Barding - HE Vallust Balstene
Early Music - Hugh Ryan
Drumming - Mistress Ascelyn  (Bring drums)
Stainglass - HL Ulrica Bronwynsdattir
Intro to Iconography & Icon Writing - HL Jovian Skleros
Opus Anglicanum - HL Richard Fairbourne
Double-faced tablet weaving - HL Gisele Barrentree
Threaded-In tablet weaving - HL Gisele Barrentree
Bookbinding - Lady Sorcha Mackenzie
Undergarments - HL Augustina Minerva de Orleans
1400-1500 Costuming - Baroness Kayleigh Drake
Millinery (hat making) - Lady Eleanor de Broke
Gemlore - HL Johanna Montgomery
Basic Heraldry - Baron Lachlan Sinclair Dumas
Developing English Persona - Baron Alaric Drake
Being a local officer - HL Richard Fairbourne
Autocrating made easy - HL Richard Fairbourne
Seneschal's Class - HL Samuel Carrillo
Inspiring Service in others - HL Richard Fairbourne
Documentation - Lady Niccola Visconti
Block Printing - HL Wyndragon
Articulation (14th century) - Baron Lachlan Sinclair Dumas
Pottery - Baroness Kayleigh Drake
Brewing (Round table discussion) - Lord Sigrun inn Harfagri
Curved Wooden Shields - Baron Lachlan Sinclair Dumas
Herbalism - Mistress Ascelyn
2 Children's Classes - Lady Elizabeth pips LaRue

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