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This is the event announcement and the challenge course for the Ansteorran 
King's Lancer.  This information will also be published in the Ansteorran 
Horse newsletter The Sable Mane (subcribe now!)  or if you send me a long 
SASE I will send event info and a drawing of the challenge course so you 
can start practicing.
Trixie Delisle
6281 Spinks Road
Abilene, TX  79603
  August 28-30th, 1998,  The shire of Mendersham is proud to host KING"S 
Lancer & Mendersham Defender.
Equestrians will vie for the honor of being His Mafesty's new King's 
Lancer, and fighters will compete to determine the new Mendersham defender 
and Mendersham Rapier Champion.  Competitions will also determine 
Mendersham's new Archery, knife Ax and Spear, A&S, Bardic, and premier 
Equestrian Champions.  There will also be a banner competition, Children's 
activities, and horse related classes as time allows.   The site is the 
shady Camp Tonkawa Boyscout Camp sixteen miles south of Abilene TX on FM 
89.  It has wooded campsites with cold showers and privy facilities, 
winding trails, an open meadow, archery range, and an AIR CONDITIONED hall. 
 Site opens 5pm Friday; closes 12 noon on Sunday.  The site is ABSOLUTELY 
DRY- NO ALCOHOL.  Sorry no pets.  All horses must have a current negative 
coggins.  Call before you haul-we need to know your stabling requirements 
ASAP.  Feast menu is pending, but we're stalking wild hog, which HL 
Rosario, feast-o-crat extraordinaire, will cook to succulent perfection. 
 Site fee is $12.00 adults, $5.00 children 12 and under.  Feast is included 
in site fee.
	Reservations: L. Ealasaid-Na-Ailea (Niki Lyon) 915 692 8160. 
 lyonden at camalott.com  Autocrats L. Melanie of Bassenthwaite (Melainie 
Michaelis)  915-743-6342.   Equestocrat HL Rolanda Rossner (Trixie DeLisle) 

King Rene's Challenge
Taken from King Rene's Book of Love

You are the knight Cueur (Courage or Heart) Bound to a perilous journey of 
courtship to liberate dame Doulce-Mercy (Sweet Grace) who is being held 
captive by three enemies of love  Reffus (Denial), Honte (Shame), and 
Crainte (Fear).  You ride the steed Candor to conquer the enemies of Amour. 
 You set out on your journey.   You must cross the strem in Le Forest de 
Longe-Attente ( the Forest of Long Wait).  In a meadow, you find La 
Foutaine du Fortune ( the Spring of Chance) from which you must drink. 
 Your path lies across La Fleuve de Larmes ( The Stream of Tears), over Pas 
Perilleux (Dangerous Crossing)  The bridge is guarded by a black knight, Le 
Chevalier Souci (the Knight of Anxiety).  You must defeat him and cross the 
bridge.  Next you must enter the gate of the castle , which is built on the 
Hill of Despondency, ruled by the Dame Tristesse (Sadness) and Lord 
Courroux (Wrath), Go past the gatekeeper Paresse (Sloth).  You must battle 
Wrath with lance and sword.  When you defeat Wrath, the Lady Sorrow begs 
you for her lord's life and offers you lodging for the night, but the room 
is naught but a trap door to the dungeon.  You are rescued by you page 
Desir (Desire).  He brings a ladder for you to climb out of the dungeon. 
 You press on, across the sea to the Isle of Love.  On the Isle of Love, 
you are recieved at the Chateau de Plaisance (Chateau of Pleasure) by the 
god of Love, Amour and his mother, Venus.  After tilting at hearts and 
hunting in the deer park, you ask for and receive permission to release 
Sweet Grace from her confinement in the Manoir de Rebellion ( Fortress of 
Resistance).  You manage to gain entry to the fortress without resorting to 
violence.  You throw money at Denial and drive off Honte (Shame) and 
Crainte (Fear)  You rescue Sweet Grace from her cell and gallop back to the 
Chateau of Pleasure.

Challenge Course
Start with your sword in your belt and a bag of money.  Go across the water 
hazard.  Side pass over the 2x4 to the cup.  Drink.  Replace the cup.  go 
out the key hole, being careful not to step on the flour lines.  Stop. 
 Take up Quintian lance from ground crew.  Knock the knight figure off his 
horse.  Still carrying the lance, go across the bridge.  If you are not 
comfortable carrying the lance across the bridge, drop it before the bridge 
and the ground crew will give it to you after the bridge.  More points will 
be given for carrying it across the bridge.  Go around the post with the 
gate keeper.  Strike the quintain.  As soon as you can do so safely, drop 
the lance and draw your sword.  Strike at each head.  Replace sword in your 
belt.  Ride to the dungeon.  (flour lines on the ground)  Dismount.  Hand 
horse to ground crew.  Climb ladder and come back down.  Remount horse. 
 Take up ring lance.  Cross blue tarp.   Spear the hearts (rings).  Drop 
the hearts in the marked area.   Strike the clay targets on the ground. 
 Drop ring spear.  Take throwing spear from the ground crew.  Spear Beast. 
 Pull money bag from belt.  Toss bag through hoop.  Draw sword.  Strike at 
two heads.  Go into Cell.  Take Sweet grace up onto your horse.  Take her 
to the finish line.

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