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Bob Dewart gilli at seacove.net
Mon Jul 13 20:27:08 PDT 1998

I like to reminder every one of the challenge I made a while back.  I'd like
to see bunches of award insignia for the Crown.

    To the Kingdom branch (barony, shire, canton, college, incipiant or full
status) that turns in more insignia at that event than I do, I will cook
your next event assuming the following:1) you want me to, 2) you still buy
the food, and 3) I can get off of work.  If there are multiple winners I,
will start with the one that most out does me and work my way through the
list.  For those I beat, well, you can try harder next time.

    HL Gilbert Ost Westley "Gilli"
    Shire of Middleford
    gilli at seacove.net

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