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Greetings All: I just spoke with Eleanor a few minutes ago. The insurance
agent came by today (7-14) and is adding up numbers. She and her husband
have talked about what to do, but it  is still one day at a time.  She
wants to thank everyone for their prayers, offers of help, and thoughts.
She is  thankful for the friends, but very grateful for the family she
has discovered that she has in the SCA. 
The Dream is in our Hearts.
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>> Please add Lady Eleanor de Broke (Connie Fielder of Abilene) to your
>> thoughts and prayers.  Her house was hit by a tornado tonight.  She 
>and her
>> family are fine, but there was major structural damage to her home.  
>> will keep us informed as he is going down there tomorrow.
>    Ouch, we are sorry to hear it. Let us know if you need anything.
>Sir Aaron
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