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Okay...not push it out......pull it out.  All joking aside.  We're thinking
about you.  Anything you need...just ask.  How about Kathlyn (sp?).  Is she
at home...does she need a place to go stay for a few days...she's welcome
here anytime!

Joe and Jacque
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Date: Wednesday, July 15, 1998 8:47 PM
Subject: WR - Birthing

>Many of you know already that a son has been born to me and my lady wife
>Anna.  We had gone to the hospital at Dyess AFB for a routine (we
>thought) examination of Anna's pregnancy, on the 14th of July, after
>doing a nutritional evaluation for her gestational diabetes we had the
>'routine' exam, the doctor did the standard poking, prodding and
>measuring, the doctor sent us upstairs for a 'non-stress test', the
>nurses who performed the test telephoned in the results to the on-call
>OB-GYN physician, Maj Berrios, who could not get a good picture of the
>results over the telephone and came in, repeated the test, did an
>ultra-sound, repeated the test, repeated the ultra-sound with a better
>piece of equipment, and told us that she did not like the results of the
>test and that she was going to admit Anna to the hospital  _and_ transfer
>her to Abilene Regional Hospital where there were better facilities for
>pre-mature babies and so at 8:30PM Anna got an ambulance ride to the new
>hospital.  I arrived after the lights and siren ambulance, reported in to
>the emergency room admitting, who did not know that she was even on the
>way, let alone arrived, hooked into the various machines and getting
>comfortable(?) in her new, private room($!), the doctor came in and said
>what he was going to do:  observation, non-stress test, ultra-sound, and
>a stress test.  Every thing was going pretty good, watching TV, watching
>the monitors, enjoying the pictures on the ultra-sound, then, came the
>stress test.  The nurses, on doctors orders, induced a contraction, and
>we watched the baby's heart beat drop from 131 down to 63.  When the
>heartbeat reached back up to 65, two nurses came in and took the
>contraction inducing medication from the IV, by the time they had
>finished unhooking the IV, a third nurse came in and said "Prep her" and
>the room became very busy, nurses getting Anna ready, anesthesiologists
>asking for preferences and allergies. They moved her out right smartly.
>(Me? Anna was going to get a C-section, I signed papers and stayed out of
>the operating room, two patients were enough.)
>And So My Son Was Born
>Kevin Andrew Dolan
>1446 hrs, 15 July 1998
>3lbs, 7.8 oz
>17 inches
>6 weeks 3 days before the due date
>As of 1800, 15 Jul, Mother was in pain, but, not bleeding, Baby was in
>intensive care, breathing fine, pulse strong, on oxygen, under heat lamp
>being monitored
>Sir Doran
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