WR - Update on Kevin

Dennis J Dolan djdolan at juno.com
Tue Jul 21 13:48:08 PDT 1998

Dear Family and Friends (there is some overlap you know)

Kevin is *7* days old now, he is getting mothers milk by way of a tube up
his nose and down his throat, but, hey, this is good, he is still getting
an IV of protein, lipids and of course minerals and vitamins, this also
is good, as they are slowly increasing the mothers milk and decreasing
the IV solution.  Tomorrow (Wed) Anna will be able to breast feed him
more for his excercise than for nurishment, and this also is good.  Birth
wieght was 3lbs, 7.8 oz, he was down to 3-5 and as of today he is at
3-7.2, increasing by leaps and bounds.  He is under the special light due
to jaundice, but that to is improving, for two days he had lights over
and under him, now they are just over him, he is still in the incubator,
but, give him a break, he is still a little guy.

Anna would like to thank everyone who sent a note, I am able to print
them out and tell her where they came from, it really made her happy
while she was in the hospital............... please keep little Kevin in
your thoughts and prayers.

Sir Doran
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