WR - Western Regional Chirurgeons.

adams, ozy ozy at door.net
Tue Jul 21 18:10:45 PDT 1998

Greetings and salutations,
   My name is Ozymandias Breakstock and I am the fresh-off-the-shelf
Western Regional Chirurgeon.
We are in desperate need of more Chirurgeons in this region. If you know of
anyone interested in apprenticing, or a former Chirurgeon with lapsed
paperwork who wishes to continue serving, please get them to contact me. If
I can stir up some interest, I would like to hold a Chirurgeons College at
Gothic, next month.

Yours in service to the dream,
Ozymandias Breakstock, Squire to Sir Maximillian, Western Regional
Chirurgeon, Baronial Chirurgeon for Bonwicke, Captain of the Bonwicke
contingent of the Completely Unofficial Ansteorran Co-Ed Swim Team

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