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Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Wed Jul 22 19:10:29 PDT 1998

Good Morning,

  Thanks to the Shadowlands group, I have now been able to test and offer
  a service for all groups and regions in the Kingdom.

  If you are a group's Virtual Scribe and would like to have the webpage
  located at your group's name under Ansteorra.ORG, please contact me
  privately. This service will require a willing and able ISP to do
  virtual hosting for your group. If you don't know what this is, please
  contact your ISP to see if they will offer you the service and if it
  will cost you anything.

  As well, for those officers and territorial nobility that want an
  address relayed from Ansteorra.ORG, please contact me. I will be setup
  and alias that will go to your usual email box, but you can publish

  NOTE: I have already setup addresses for the Great Officers of State
        and the Crown. These are setup as Crown at Ansteorra.ORG,
        King at Ansteorra.ORG, Seneschal at Ansteorra.ORG, etc. (Although
        HRM Kat's email address is not published, so it is not currently
        being relayed.)

  As an example of this service, the Shadowlands website is now located at:


  Their Virtual Scribe can be reached at VScribe at Shadowlands.Ansteorra.ORG.

  This service is being offered for two reasons. The first is because
  someone requested it. The second is there are those who are concerned
  for privacy and would not like to have their personal email address
  widely published. This will allow them to publish an address that is
  not directly traceable to their personal account.

  For the short term, the ability to have an email address on
  Ansteorra.ORG is limited to just the officers and territorial nobility
  of each group. After this is all worked out to my satisfaction, this
  service will be offered to any who care to have it.

  If your group's Virtual Scribe and/or Officers are not on this list,
  but you think they might be interested, please forward this to them.

  This has been Cc'ed to the Kingdom Virtual Scribe for his records.


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