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bentnose at juno.com bentnose at juno.com
Wed Jul 22 21:15:09 PDT 1998

It has been several weeks since I sent the poem from Rachel to everybody.
 Thank you for your kind comments.  As of this missive, she is still with
us, but as of this date; she is steadily getting weaker.  She has been
running a fever ranging from 101 to 105 for much of the past 10 days and
she is comatose much of the time.  She does have her lucid moments,
though they are now fewer and farther apart.  Her kidneys have all but
shut down and her breathing is labored and extremely shallow.  The pain
medicine that they have her on is such a high dosage that she now
literally twitches in her arms and legs and she just can't seem to get
comfortable.  As of yesterday (7-21), she could not get cool at all,
though her room stays at about 50 degrees, she said she was burning up. 
Hospice thinks that she will be with us another day or two at best.  I
really don't know what else to say, I have never had to deal with the
loss of a loved one as close as she is to me.

On a more personal note, if you feel you need to send condolance cards,
please send them to me at the address listed in the Black Star, my mother
does not what her address listed.  She has also said that donations may
be made in Rachel's name to your local Noah Project or Hospice group if
you so desire.  All I really ask for is your prayers and understanding
and support.

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