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<< Okay...have been out of contact for awhile...can someone email me privately
 and fill me in?  When did Pendaran et al drop out? >>

We just found out ourselves - apparently they did not ask the barony and just
said okay.  Then asked the few populous memebers that were present at
Octavain.  They said "sure" and went ahead.  They have some people in their
group who are upset because it is against the Southern Regional Thing and
since they are trying to start a pinicpallity.....well you get the idea.  So
the theme is still "War of the Roses" - if it is not Drake and myself with
another landed we have another idea for the two party thing.  I don't know who
this guy is but apparently he is better informed then we
are......*sigh*.........when it rains it pours..........

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