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Sorry to hear that it isn't working out....I hate it when a plan doesn't
gel, don't you?  Well, I finally have my computer back...feel like I have
been released from prison...this fire thing is such a pain....double

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>In a message dated 98-06-08 23:53:24 EDT, you write:
><< Okay...have been out of contact for awhile...can someone email me
> and fill me in?  When did Pendaran et al drop out? >>
>We just found out ourselves - apparently they did not ask the barony and
>said okay.  Then asked the few populous memebers that were present at
>Octavain.  They said "sure" and went ahead.  They have some people in their
>group who are upset because it is against the Southern Regional Thing and
>since they are trying to start a pinicpallity.....well you get the idea.
>the theme is still "War of the Roses" - if it is not Drake and myself with
>another landed we have another idea for the two party thing.  I don't know
>this guy is but apparently he is better informed then we
>are......*sigh*.........when it rains it pours..........
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