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Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Tue Jun 9 05:38:43 PDT 1998

My apologies to those who receive this more than once.

The event is conveniently located 23 miles South of Abilene, Texas. Take
Winters Freeway which is  277/83/84 south from I-20 to the 277/14th Street
exit.  Take 277 to Hwy 89. Turn West on Hwy 89, go approximately 4.5 miles to
Co. Rd 351. If you miss the 277/14th Street exit and find yourself on Hwy
89/Buffalo Gap Rd, continue on to the town of Buffalo Gap, following Hwy 89.
In Buffalo Gap you will make a right onto Hwy 89 and continue until you cross
over 277.  Staying on Hwy 89 to will come to Co. Rd 351.  Gate opens at 5:00
p.m. Friday.

Shaded area for camping is very limited.  Please more then one person per tent.
Large pavilions will have to be placed in non shaded areas.  No Glass
Containers on Site.There is electricity on site, solar showers and flush

Greetings unto the rapier and chivalric community of Ansteorra!

Enclosed you will find extended instructions to the academy of the rapier's
site.  Please inform all those wishing to attend that the roads can be
confusing and to watch for the SCA signs.  In addition, shaded area for
camping is very limited.  For those who wish to camp in shad near the
instruction area, please more then one person per tent and no large pavilions.
The site has electricity, solar showers, flush toilets and an air conditioned
hall.  We have been asked by the owners no glass containers on site and to
please remove your own trash.	Please copy the following directions to all
those within your community and we hope to see you there!

Learning to serve the dream,
Kayleigh Drake
Baroness of Bonwicke
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