WR - farewell

Joseph S. Bosko acrubray at arn.net
Sat Jun 20 09:42:05 PDT 1998

To my fellow Western Region SCAers	
	This shall be my last missive as part of this region.  I will be departing
in the morning for new (mundane) employment in Bjornsborg (San Antonio).
	I shall truly miss everyone and will not forget the superb friendships
found here.  Although relocating to a different region I shall still be a
part of this great Kingdom and carry the thoughts and ideas of many with
	Once situated I will (again) offer my home as crash space to anyone
wishing to travel to that distant Barony and (hopefully) will return
periodically to attend events such as Gothic, Octavian and (of course) Pas
d Arms and the War of the Staked Plains..

Living the Dream
Ld Brennan of Acrubray
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