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Academy of the Rapier
June 26, 27 & 28 1998
To Grow, One Must Learn

Greetings unto the populous of Ansteorra.  Enclosed you will find detailed
directions to the site, feast menu, and class schedule.  Please call for feast
- reservations are going fast.


Tea and Water

1st Remove
Bread and herbed butter
Ginger cream dip

2nd Remove
Turkey gyros with pita bread
Sadziki dressing

3rd Remove
Mediterranean Salsa
Greek pasta salad

4th remove
Fruit sorbet

Kitchen Steward
 Lady Helena von Rhein – Diana Thames 806-785-1314

Directions to site:
Take Winters Freeway which is  277/83/84 south from I-20 (This is a 
left exit) to the 277/14th Street exit.   If you are coming from the 
south, you will probably be on 83/84.  At the South 14th exit on the 
east side of the highway is a Albertson's open until midnight.  Take 
277 south 17.2 miles to Farm Road 89 (There is a blinking yellow 
light and  Cornadro's Camp Store at the intersection.) Go west 4.6 
miles. Turn right or North on Co. Rd. 351 to the site.  If you miss 
the South 14th exit, take the exit for Buffalo Gap and Abilene State 
Park (This is also the exit for the mall).  This will Farm Road 89 to 
Buffalo Gap Rd, continue on to the town of Buffalo Gap, following
FR 89. In Buffalo Gap you will make a right onto FR 89 (The sign at 
the turn will say Camp Whispering Oaks, Camp Tonkawa and Abilene 
State Park).After the turn go 11.3 miles.  This will be the cross 
over for Hwy. 277 (There will be a Blinking yellow light and 
Cornadro's Camp Store).  Staying on FR 89 for 4.6 miles you will come 
to Co. Rd 351. Turn right or north.  Gate opens at 5:00 p.m. Friday.

Shaded area for camping is very limited.  Please more then one person per
Large pavilions will have to be placed in non shaded areas.  No Glass
Containers on Site.There is electricity on site, solar showers and flush

TIMES	            A/Basic	                 B/Intermediate	
 8:30  -  9:00	OPEN	                 White Scarf Circle	  OPEN
 9:00  -  9:30     Basic Marshaling    White Scarf Circle	  OPEN
 9:30 - 10:00     Tivar's Machine	     Local Marshaling	        Advanced
Clothing for 
the Field
10:00 - 11:00    Dagger - basic	     Infighting	               Fencing 101
11:00 - 12:00   Single - basic	     Dagger                   	   Incremental 
Approach to Period    
12:00 - 12:30   LUNCH	                   LUNCH	               LUNCH
12:30  -  1:00  Ratan to rapier	Regional Marshaling	         Care and Feeding
the Fighter
 1:00  -  2:00   Buckler - basic	Snipping
 2:00  -  3:00   Case - basic	       Buckler                         Gross
 3:00  -  4:00   Cloak                   Case
Developing a Late
                     basic/intermediate intermediate/advanced    16th Century
 4:00  -  5:00  Drills and Katas	Free Sparing with Dons	Fighting in a Period
 5:00  -  6:00  What is a Don	      What is a Don	            What is a Don
 6:00  - 6:30   White Scarf Circle	White Scarf Circle	      White Scarf Circle
6:30	         COURT	            COURT	                        COURT
7:00	         FEAST	            FEAST	                        FEAST

Classes	                                       Instructors
Basic Marshaling	                           Dona Leah, Ld Colin
In-fighting - Intermediate/Advanced	   Don Giacomo, Don Horoun, Don Aubrey,   
                                                         Ld.  Ingve
Local/Regional  Marshaling	               Don Kazmir, HE Kayleigh
Cloak - Basic/Intermediate/Advanced	   Don Alaric, Don Christian, Ld.
Tivar's Machine & Blow Calling	         Don Tivar
Fighting in a Period Style	               Don Christian, HL. Aeron Harper
Fencing 101: Novice	                           Don Kazmir, Ld John Paul, Ldy.
Persona/Honor	                                 Don Kazmir, Ld. Leonardo
Dagger - Basic	                                 Don Tivar, HE Llywelyn, Ld
Brian, Ld Colin
Care and Feeding of the Fighter	         HE Amber Lea Fairchild
Dagger - Intermediate/Advanced	         Don Aubrey, Don Modius, Don Horoun
Incremental Approach to Period Fighting	Don Robin
Single - Basic	                                 Don Lavan, Don Ericus, Dona
Developing late 16th Century persona   Don Eula, HE Jehanne D'Avignon
Sniping - Intermediate/Advanced	         Don Dourmust, Ld. Staltus, Ld. Piet
>From Ratan to Rapier	                     HRH  Barn
Buckler - Basic	                                 Don Robin, HE Chrystal, Ld.
Geoffrey of the     
                                                         Bay, Ld Isobelle	
Advanced clothing for the field	         Don Eule,  Ld. Orlando
Buckler - Intermediate/Advanced	         Don Brenden, Ld. Staltus
Gross Anatomy	                                 Don Malcolm, HE Kayleigh, Ld.
Case - Basic	                                 Don Horoun, Ld. Donovan
Drills and Katas	                                 Don Durmust, Don Sigmund, HL
Robert, Ld Iago
Case - Intermediate/Advanced	         Don Donald, Don Zorcon, Don Modius, Don 
Free Sparing with Dons	                     Dons - All
What is a Don? - Roundtable Discussion	Dons - All

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