WR - Sam is sick.

joelight joelight at lx.net
Thu Mar 5 13:19:35 PST 1998

I just came in from seeing Sam.  He is in good spirits and his color is much
better today.  He is on some heavyduty antibiotics and lots of electros...he
was extremely dehydrated.  His sugar count is good this afternoon after a
day of meds.  Now the big mystery is what is causing the acutal infection.
They are going to run a Doppler scan on him sometime today.  He says he
should be able to tell if it will rain at Gulf by this evening <g>.


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>Sam is in room 214A at Medical Center Hospital in Odessa. He will be
>there for at least two more days. They are doing more testing tomorrow to
>see what is causing the infection. I will not be at home tomorrow/be
>going up to the hospital first thing in the morning. The phone number of
>the hospital is: (915)640-4000 for any one that wishes to contact him.
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