WR - Sam is sick.

Lord Larkin O'Kane larkin at webstar.net
Thu Mar 5 23:31:40 PST 1998

On Thu, 5 Mar 1998 15:19:35 -0600, joelight at lx.net (joelight) wrote:

>I just came in from seeing Sam.  He is in good spirits and his color is much
>better today.  He is on some heavyduty antibiotics and lots of electros...he
>was extremely dehydrated.  His sugar count is good this afternoon after a
>day of meds.  Now the big mystery is what is causing the acutal infection.
>They are going to run a Doppler scan on him sometime today.  He says he
>should be able to tell if it will rain at Gulf by this evening <g>.

I don't know. Some people will go to any lengths to get out of going to
the War, Jeesh! Some people's kids.

Glad to hear he's feeling better.

Give the kids a hug and a swat for me.

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