WR - Sam is still in the hospital!

Susan M Galindo lilystar at juno.com
Fri Mar 6 13:58:20 PST 1998

It looks as if Sam has got the doctors quite baffled! He continues to run
fever. No fits with that fever yet! He runs about 102 temperature when it
flares up. Once they figure out what is causing this the diabetes will
settle down. In the mean time keep him in your thoughts. I have been
printing out a lot of the messages when I am able to get to the house and
taking them up to him at the hospital to read. Send funny stuff! He needs
to laugh. Two sly females from Mendersham came to visit Sam today. They
took time from their busy schedule In Abilene, TX and drove all the way
to Odessa.
Sam and I have the best friends in the SCA and we appreciate all the
support all of you have given us. 

Thanks, Love Adelaide

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