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Darryl Arrington strmridr at bunt.com
Tue Mar 10 14:22:13 PST 1998


I'd love to teach something, but unfortunately the distance is a little great
for the next year and a half.  We'll be home soon.  Say "Hi" to Sam for us.

"Vacationing" in Drachenwald at Uncle "Samgrim"'s behest...

Susan M Galindo wrote:

> Just a note to let you know:
> July 31- Aug. 2, 1998 is the Western Regional Arts & Science college.
> I will be needing teachers!! Again I say, I will be needing teachers. The
> site is in
> Crossroads Keep (Big Spring, TX). So far I have gotten 10 people
> confirmed to teach already. Here are a few already to be taught:
> stain glass  (hands on)    --  by HL Ulrica Bronwynsdattir
> Court & country dance   --  by Mistress Evelyn
> block printing  --  by HL Wyndragon
> middle-eastern dance  --  HL Philippa de Vienne  (dance troop)
> middle-eastern costume --  HL Philippa de Vienne
> millinery  (hat making)  -- Lady Eleanore de Broke
> Round table discussion on brewing  --  Lord Sigrun inn Harfagri
> Here is a list of classes I would like to see taught if anyone is
> willing:
> drumming
> mosaics
> period under garments
> shoes
> blacksmithing
> games
> children's classes
> bardic
> anything unusual  (don't get too weird now)
> All fighting will be done on Sunday so please refrain anything pertaining
> to the fighting
> aspects and training till then.
> I know it seems early but I am planning this event a head of time.
> E-mail sign up is accepted too!
> Thanks, Adelaide
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