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RLPortwood RLPortwood at aol.com
Tue Mar 10 15:16:39 PST 1998

I'd be glad to teach herbalism at the Western A&S "do".  I can teach drumming
also.  I'm sure Vallust will be able to teach Bardic.

You might talk to Torfingr Gustafson (Tori) about teaching Japanese Braiding.
E-mail me directly and I'll give you her e-mail address.  She's really good.
It's a really popular class.

Nicolla Visconti is awesome at couching and needlepoint.  You might ask her.
Again, e-mail me directly and I'll give you her number.

Another really good class is Sorcha's class on bookmaking.  I took it at
Bard's & Arts and would love to take it again.

If you need any other ideas, just let me know.  Also, if you could give me a
confirmation about any of the above, I'd really appreciate it.

Pax et benignitus.
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