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Aaron & Brita Crator at iglobal.net
Mon Mar 16 10:13:07 PST 1998

At 08:03 PM 3/14/98 GMT, you wrote:
>I wonder how "The War" is going.  Things sure are quiet on the home
>front. <gr>>


War went great!  Everyone can be very proud of their Region.  We fielded

                                29 FIGHTERS!!!!!!!!

Not only did we fielded a good sized unit, we fought well.  In the first
open field battle, the Western Region was given the responsibility of
getting  into the back field of our enemies and causing as much havoc as
possible  ...  AND we sure did.  We took out most of their archers and ended
up back behind their entire army!  Unfortunatly, Ansteorra still lost that
engagement.  HOWEVER, in the next two battles, Ansteorra wiped our enemies
off the field and took the open field war point!
It felt great to honor the memories of Sir Ricardo with our victory. 
Now, the day before the battles, there were 3 heavy tournaments.  Our very
own Baron Drake, who fought in all three (Trimarian speed, Ladies of the
Rose, and Ansteorra torch light), won the first two.  VIVAT DRAKE!  And
Daniel, of Adlersruhe, made it to the semi-finals.  WAY TO GO!!  Aaron and I
had previous engagements and were only able to fight in the Ansteorran list,
which Aaron won.  And he did it fighting with a glaive!?!?  (It was a
shieldless tournament, and Aaron had borrowed the glaive from a knight (from
the Kingdom of the West) and ended up killing the knight with his own weapon
in the finals).
        So, the Western Region won all the heavy tournaments!!   
After the battles on Friday, the Champions Battle was held.  Drake and Aaron
both were chosen by our King for fight for him and both were victorious!!
Romanus  was also chosen and won, and he was also made a Centurian the
following day!!  Ansteorra also won the Champions Battle.
Saturday, we lost the three fort battles.  Although our region fought hard
and killed many, the enemy outnumbered us and poured into the fort like
ants, and our warriors fought and died with honor for our beloved Kingdom of
Ansteorra.  Then in the resurrection battle, the Western Region was
commanded to run to the center flag and take possession of it first, which
we successfully did, even though our numbers had dropped to only 14
fighters.  Once again that day, Ansteorra fell to their ememies.
After all the points were counted, the war was a tie, again.

We would like to thank everyone who attended and helped with the war and war
preparation.  Vivat to every fighter!!  Aaron and I are very proud of each
of you and your dedication and sacrifice.  You were outstanding!!  Well done!!

I'm still tired .. so more later ...  have demo tonight ...

Vivat Ansteorra and the Western Region!!

Brita and Aaron

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