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Mon Mar 16 09:52:28 PST 1998

> >I wonder how "The War" is going.  Things sure are quiet on the home
> >front. 
> >Larkin   
> Greetings!
> War went great!  Everyone can be very proud of their Region.  We fielded
>                                 29 FIGHTERS!!!!!!!!
> Not only did we fielded a good sized unit, we fought well.  In the first


I would also like to point out that The Western Region made an 
impressive showing at the Equestrian field in the Emprise of the 
Sword Ascendent (The Equestrian equivilent of Lyonnesse Tourney.) The 
BlitzStrahl Lance, consisting of Lord Murdoc of the Wastelands, the 
*newly made* Lady Giselle du Cheneau (heartiest congratulations on 
her Sable Thistle for Equestrian Arts!), HL Rolanda Rossner, and Lady 
Melanie of Bassenwaithe held our own against the finest riders the 
Known Worlde had to offer, and Lady Melanie did achieve 
the Best Quintain Score (with a prize of a new fiberglass spear), and 
Best Heraldic Display (with the prize of a silver chalice.)

Just wait 'till next year, when we ride 'em into the ground, *and* 
show 'em up in Pomp and Ceremony! 

Vivat the BlitzStrahl Lance!
Vivat the Western Region! 
Vivat Ansteorra!

In Service I remain
Alden Pharamond
Mendersham, Ansteorra
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