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Susan M Galindo lilystar at juno.com
Fri Mar 20 08:55:38 PST 1998

Here is an update on the classes people have signed up for:

stainglass  -- HL Ulrica Bronwynsdattir   (3 hours -- hands on)
Courtly & Country dance  -- Mistress Evelyn    (2 hours)
block printing -- HL Wyndragon
middle-eastern dance  -- HL Philippa de Vienne
drumming -- Mistress Ascelyn   (Bring drums)
barding -- HE Vallust Balstene
Children's class -- Lady Elizabeth pips La Rue
Herbalism -- Mistress Ascelyn 
Pottery  -- Baroness Kayleigh
Undergarments -- HL Augustina Minerva de Orleans
Middle-eastern clothing -- HL Philippa de Vienne
1400-1500 Costuming -- Baroness Kaleigh
Millinery (hat making) -- Lady Eleanor de Broke
Seneschal's class -- HL Samuel Carrillo

There will be a Round table discussion on brewing. Bring what you have
brewed and the recipe (optional). It will be sampling time. No equipment
Lord Sigrun inn Harfagri will be conducting this class. 

Other classes have been brought to my attention but they are not
confirmed yet. I will
post them as we go. Forms will be made available soon for those who do
not have
e-mail access. They will be available at Mendersham's event and at
Octavian and given to the Regional Minister of A & S..
If you have any further inquiries or questions write me back.

In Service, HL Adelaide

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