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Don't matter to me so long as the crescent is there. I like the look of the crescent with the star and long thought that it would make a great device. May need to change the shape of the star though to get it passed. Not too sure of that point. Gives it that nice and not Euro-centric look.
 And we did cut some dashing figures didn't we.
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Greetings!  :-)

        At war, the Region, as a group, looked like an organized unit, by
wearing the same Ansteorran tabords (not to mention, very visible to
        I had hoped to place  a Western Region device on one side of them,
but when I inquired as to a device, I found out that the region doesn't have
one passed.  I have a tabord that was given to me with a cresent moon on the
top right-hand corner of the Ansteorran Star.  However, I have also seen and
been told that the cresent moon goes on the lower left and also the lower
right corner. 
        So, I would like to find out what the correct device looks like and
propose that the region submit and pass a device, if possible.  Opinions?


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