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Anna promises not to hit you just like she doesn't hit you anyway,
however, I'm old and outta shape, so, can I hit you?  Will any others
from Blacklake be coming with you? (how much do I need to put on the

Sounds good, but I really do not wannnnna get HIT so please be my
champion for this time. There is nothing as bad as watching a grown
squire cry in front of the lady folks. Count us as being there some time
around 2 p.m. or so. samuel+


>The 29th is alright with me, although I have to w**k (mustn't use bad 
>language in front of the kids), Anna does not promise not to hit.  
>Bring your favorite tunic so that Anna can copy it.  I wanna go to the 
>event with ya'll, but I have to work.  I will definitly see you at 
>Mendersham's event, even if I can't get the day off.
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