WR - Western Region Device

Sinclair jeffdp at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 24 16:59:27 PST 1998

Keep in mind I used to be a herald.

First, only recognized entities can have devices/badges.  This pretty much
limits things to people and 'official territorial devisions', such as
Kingdom, Principalities, etc.  If a bunch of people in the region want to
wear something as a regional badge, like a nice outline of a Mesquite,
fine.  But you can't register it.  And, perhaps regrettably, I think
devices should be registered.  

However, your idea of having some token of the region is an excellant one.
I would suggest that the populace be polled at to what they would like.
This might work well at a large event, where ideas can be sketched quickly
and shown, as most people have only a limited understanding of written
heraldry.  Please, please, don't offer 3 or 4 examples and limit it to
that.  This was done in another Kingdom not long ago, with the result that
what that 'region' is currently using as a drawing does not match the
emblazon.  Which may be all the value that should be placed on heraldry,
but irratates me greatly.


At 03:12 PM 3/22/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Greetings!  :-)
>        At war, the Region, as a group, looked like an organized unit, by
>wearing the same Ansteorran tabords (not to mention, very visible to
>        I had hoped to place  a Western Region device on one side of them,
>but when I inquired as to a device, I found out that the region doesn't have
>one passed.  I have a tabord that was given to me with a cresent moon on the
>top right-hand corner of the Ansteorran Star.  However, I have also seen and
>been told that the cresent moon goes on the lower left and also the lower
>right corner. 
>        So, I would like to find out what the correct device looks like and
>propose that the region submit and pass a device, if possible.  Opinions?
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