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OK, OK already!  Let me in on this one.  I, too, support Chiang, even if
I don't know what for!  But let's be careful holding candles to folks or
passing them a torch before we know what they had for dinner.

Sam certainly waxed eloquent in his praises, but I hope he feels better
soon.  Poor Adelaide has to put up with this all the time!?!

Oh, yeah, I got a "breather" on the phone the other night, and I'm almost
certain he said his name was "Hat" and invited me to lunch.  Sometimes
these things take on a life of their own.

Let me see if I have my conspiracy theory right:  Garth's hat and
Chiang's do-rag,  suck-up contests, setting people on fire, paranoia and
denial, large Italian cheeses and crescent moonbutts, power and glory,
big birds and sacrifices, brass rings, brass hats, and brass balls.  If I
can figure out how all these things are connected, I'll have the makings
for a TV miniseries!  

Also confused,


Film at eleven.
You Know Who  

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