WR - Western Region Device

Sinclair jeffdp at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 25 19:23:43 PST 1998

I agree that the Western Region could be described as an entity.  However,
since it is not an 'official' area, nothing can be registered directly for
this region.  The Kingdom could certainly register a badge for the region,
but it would belong to the Kingdom and would appear in your list.  (It
might be transferred later, of course.)  Or you or I could register a badge
that the people of the region could use.

I would like to see more heraldic display everywhere.  But I would prefer
the device used by the region to be something the people liked and had a
hand in coming up with.  

> We are as much an entity as most of the following that all have devices
>registered to them: 
>(For Dukes)(-transferred to Sigmund the Wingfooted)
>(For the Scribes' and Illuminators' Guild)
>(For the Order of the Star of Merit)
>(For the Lions of Ansteorra: Defenders of the Dream)
>(For the Order of the Iris of Merit)
>(For the Sable Crane of Ansteorra)
>(For the Award of the Sable Thistle of Ansteorra)
>(For Clothier's Guild)
>(For the Queen's Champion)
>(For the Queen's College of Bards of Ansteorra)
>(For the Kingdom Warlord)
>(For Award of the Compass Rose of Ansteorra)
>(For the Ansteorran Longship Company)
>(For Order of the Centurions of the Sable Star of Ansteorra)
>Ansteorran Longship Company
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