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Lord Larkin O'Kane larkin at webstar.net
Wed Mar 25 21:56:50 PST 1998

On Wed, 25 Mar 1998 11:32:13 EST, lilystar at juno.com (Susan M Galindo)

>Okay Babsy, Yours is the best so far. It is the funniest thing I have
>read but then again after spending the evening till 2:00a.m. with Jessica
>(has pneumonia)in the emergency room and getting awaken by the cat
>attacking the shower curtain at 5:00a.m. anything sounds funny right
>about now.

Adelaide, what in the world are you doing to your family???? Or are you
trying to buy into the HMO scene?

Tell Jessica that I have a big jar of pickles to bring to A Day in
Germany.  Hope she's feeling better...

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