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Thu Mar 26 22:29:39 PST 1998

> Hey  Mendersham,
> When and where is your fighter practice?
> Brent/Peder

Hello, Milord...

Fighter Practice is Sunday afternoons at 3PM at Rose Park (North of 

We also have meetings of one sort or another every Thursday....

1st Thursday is Bardic/Open Library night at Alden/Rolanda's
2nd Thursday is Business Meeting at the Public Library
3rd Thursday is A&S (site changes)
4th Thursday is, well....open (usually another A&S)
5th Thursday (if there is one) is FREE!!!!

E-Mail me privately for more info (ferret at camalott.com), or you can 
E-Mail the Seneschal (Lady Ealasaid) at lyonden at camalott.com

In Service, I remain
Alden Pharamond
Mendersham, Ansteorra
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