WR - [Fwd: ANST - Southern Principality Proposals at Tempio]

Brent Hanner behanner at prismnet.com
Tue Mar 31 10:26:44 PST 1998

Aaron & Brita wrote:

>    I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd not like it at all to be
> split into
> a different region/principality from the rest of the Western Region.  That
> wouldn't make my friends any less friends but, we are like family. I don't
> like splitting family up.  Sure, we'd still be family, but it wouldn't just be
> the Western Region anymore.   Comments and questions would be greatly
> appreciated.

I personally like the idea.  But I am biased.  That is where I come from.
Ipersonally hope Trelac and Blacklake will keep an open mind aboutit.

>     And is anyone from Treloc, or  Blacklake, going to that event?  If so
> please contact me.  I'd like to voice my opinion.

I will be attending.  My e-mail is <behanner at prismnet.com>


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