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Tue Mar 31 12:00:17 PST 1998

Greetings, Equestrians
	The Shire of Mendersham, Ansteorra  will be hosting Equestrian 
Activities at "A day in Leipzig" April 10-12, 1998. The Leipzig Fair 
in Germany was one of the four most renowned trade fairs of the 
Medieval World, and what medieval would be complete without a wealth 
of horseflesh?  The Germans certainly loved their jousts....  Unlike 
many other medieval nations where jousts were more solely the realm 
and right of nobility, just about anyone with the horse and the means 
could compete in jousts in Germany.  Many medieval German cities 
hosted annual "jousts," which seemed to differ from nobility 
sponsored "tournaments" in mane only , not in test of equestrian 
skill. German cities sponsoring annual "jousts" often drew 
competitors from far and wide, the sheer number of which necessitated 
security and crowd control measures!

Those who wish to compete in Leipzig's Equestrian Tournament should 
be prepared to run the IKEqEC games, the Quintain, and a special 
"Challenge Course" designed by HL Rolanda which will have horse and 
rider attempting to navigate many hazards on the way to the fair!  
Intermediate and advanced riders will compete with each other, with 
scores slightly weighted to reflect the increased level of difficulty 
inherent to some games ridden at increased speed.

The site is the Lake Sweetwater City park, Sweetwater, Texas;  
although reasonably secluded and quiet, it is open to  the public, 
therefore horse-people are encouraged to camp near their horses.  We 
intend to bring in panels to construct corrals.  It is **imperative** 
that you contact the equest-o-crat (Rolanda Rossner (915) 677-5211 ) or 
the equestrian marshall (Melanie of Bassenthwaite 915/ 743-63420 as 
early as possible to let us know the number of horses you'll be 
bringing and whether or not they can run together.  CALL BEFORE YOU 
HAUL!!!!!!!! We cannot guarantee corral scape unless we hear from you 
by Friday, April  3rd.  Also remember...ALL HORSES MUST HAVE A 

>From I-20 Exit 249 onto FM 1856 south.   Continue on FM 1856 to the 
junction with FM 2053.  Turn left on 2053,   3/10th of a mile to site 
on Right.

>From Hwy 70 (if you are traveling north towards Sweetwater)  Turn 
right at junction for 1856.  The sign will say Lake Sweetwater.  
Continue past golf course to junction with 2053.  Turn right on 2053, 
 3/10th of a mile to site on Right.

See you at the fair!

Melanie of Bassenthwaite
aka Melanie Michaelis
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