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PotterKD PotterKD at aol.com
Tue Mar 31 19:27:04 PST 1998

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<< I would like to see the Western Region and the
 Central Region become a principality. >>

I am neather for or against it but I would like to mention something.  Not
many people come to the Western Region from the Central Region.  Most of the
indiviudals who were at Bards and Arts, KA&S, teaching future classes in this
area are from the Southern Region.   The laurals from the southern region are
even sponsoring tea's at our events and I believe that the area has metioned
doing a large event in conjunction with us.  If I remember correctly -
Bjornsborg sponsored Bonwicke with being a barony when no one else would (so
say Mistress Gunnora and Baroness Mari).  They also tend to play more like we
do and have the same type of fun.  Again...........I am not saying that we
should do this so don't jump on the flame mail............just an
observations. I just think that if we ever considered it we should do it with
those who are there to support us and those who are willing to travel all the
way to Amarillo.....which a number of these individuals have.

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