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Tue Mar 31 14:15:36 PST 1998

Hello, Western Region! 
Some folks have been asking about our event (*shame* on you...don't 
you read your Black Star's?? *grin*) In any case; here is a synopsis, 
and the same event announcement that went out in the Black Star.

 The event is what we call a "High-Persona Teaching Event"
(that is, we try to make it high-persona, but there aren't any 
regulations... no one's gonna look down their nose if you aren't 
perfect 1520's German;  or even if you aren't 1520's... or German, at 
all!) ....we just hope that people will make an attempt at this 
time/place, and maybe come away having learned something. There will 
be some classes, and a booklet about the period. 
(The event announcment follows...)

The Shire of Mendersham presents
A Day in Leipzig
Date: April 10-12

The Year is 1520, and the famous Spring Faire in Leipzig, Germany is
in full swing, so come and Enjoy!

The Site is the beautiful (and WET!) Sweetwater City Park, in
Sweetwater, Texas  (30 miles west of Abilene)

*Der leipziger Oberbürgermeister mochtet Alle Frülingsjahrmarkt
begrüßssen, und ladt Alle ein, in die veilen Spiele mitzuspielen.* 
The Mayor of Leipzig welcomes all to the Springfaire, and invites you 
to participate in the many festivities.

Included in the festivities will be:

*Ein Kreigsrecht Wettkämpt*
Competitions in Skill at Arms, to include:
   Chivalric Arms (including a Barrier and a Greatsword round)
   Rapier Tournament (Swiss Five style)

*Ein Künst und Wissenschaft Kontest*
An Arts and Sciences competition (German theme)

*Ein deutschen Bierbraungs Kontest*
A German beer Brewing competition

*Ein Minnesinger Kontest*
A Bardic competition 
   (guess what topics will get you extra points?)

*Ein Reitungswettkämpf*
An Equestrian tournament, and IKEQC runs

*Ein Bogenschützung Kontest*
An Archery Bagshoot, prize to the holder of the most coins 
   (Bring your broadheads!)

*Und Auch, Die Verkäufer zum Jahrmarkt verden am Samstag zum
 Abendessen ihren Spiesen verkäufen.*
And also, On Saturday evening, the food vendors of the Faire will be
"selling" their wares, including: 

Ein wissel mus			Cherry Soup
Eincondimntelin mit braten	Beef in Sauce 
Ein gut gebackenz		CheesePockets 
Ein Agnaz				Roasted Winter Vegetables 
Ein spise von bonen		A Food of Peas 
Von pasteden			Meat Pasties 
Einen Krapfen			An Apple-Nut Tart 
Zwieback				Rolls

Site Fee: $5.00           Feast Fee: $5.00
(Site opens 4PM Friday, closes 2PM Sunday)
(Make checks payable to SCA, Inc, Shire of Mendersham)

Selbstherrscher (Autocrat):
HL Rosario InCarboni (Jim Bucherie)  (915) 677-8309

Oberköechen und Flaschenwaeschern (Chefs):
HL Rolanda Roßner (Trixie DeLisle)  (915) 677-5211
Ld Angus Duncan Cameron (Warren Klinger) (915) 673-6106

Roßführen (Horse Marshal):
Ly Melanie of Bassenwaithe (Melanie Michelis)  (915) 743-6342
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