WR - [Fwd: ANST - Southern Principality Proposals at Tempio]

Brent Hanner behanner at prismnet.com
Tue Mar 31 23:10:21 PST 1998

Rosario wrote:

> I'm curious is it just Trelac and Blacklake that are part of this
> discussion or is all of the Western Region at Stake!
> If it's just these two Shires I say NO don't split the West
> It's small enough already. If it's the South and West (all of us)
> this may be a possibilty. I am very much against splitting the Western
> Region.

>From what I have been told there are two main proposals on the table.
One is the southern region (Ravens Fort East,  all groups currently in the
region and all the area
    south of I-10 west of 35),  The other one is both the southern and western
    one apparently does not have as much support).  The reason that Trelac,
BlackLake and Emerald Keep
    are listed is because they are close to the proposed border and because of
this were asked what they
    thought.  That is what this is.  People getting together and talking about
the idea of a principality that
    involves the southern region.  If you don't want in then go and tell them or
send your views with someone.
    If you think that a joint principality would be worth talking about go and


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