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Ghislaine Fontanneau/Elayne Hoover elyh at wcc.net
Tue Mar 31 21:02:00 PST 1998

Aaron & Brita wrote:

>         Although I am interested in the Western Region becoming a
> principality someday, I am not in favor of us being apart of the Southern
> Region.  While Bryn Gwylad & Tempio are ONLY 5 hrs away (sarcasm :-),
> several of the others are  7-9 hrs drive.  If members of our shire can
> barely travel to an event 2 hrs away, what are the odds of them making it to
> events in this new proposed principality?  Also, as mentioned before, there
> is the closeness that the Western Region has, that I think should be
> respected.  If the region, as a whole, wants to stay together, even if it is
> a longer drive if we ALL choose to become apart of another region to become
> a principality, it should be done.

Here Here!!  For those of us in the southern-most end of the Western
Region, Trelac, the Northern-most end (Adlersrhue) is only five or six
hours away, depending on who's driving :-).  If that is the greatest
distance I have to travel to be a part of this close-knit family called
the Western Region, then I'd much rather do that.  The Southern Region
is too far away for me.  Though I enjoy my trips to Bryn Gwlad, it is 4
hours away for me--and that's the *closest* group in the Southern
Region.  To play in the South, my best senario is a four-hour drive, my
worst senario is an eight-hour drive.  Compared to the distances I drive
to play in the West, that is ridiculous.  I love playing in the Southern
Region, and I love the Western Region, too.  But it's all just a whole
lot easier, and more practical, if the Western Region stays together.  


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