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Sun Feb 7 20:04:20 PST 1999


Bards N Arts is this coming weekend.  COme joint the populous of
Adlersruhe for a day of learning.  The follow is a list of
classes....all classes are subject to change due to weather; however,
the weather, looks to be nice if it holds out.  Classes are:  Story
telling and research,  How to tell stories to childern,  Medieval
presentation of a feast(feastocratting class), Courtly Etiquette, drop
spindle, wheel spinning, How to accessiruze your costume,  Persona
development, barding where to find songs,  Herbalism,  Bagpipes,  card
weaving,  Chainmail , Medieval Instrumental jam sesion ,Embroidery,  Bow
Making,  Seneschal's class, Period textiles, Kumihimo, period pigments,
and Autrocrat class for 20th anniversary of Ansteorra.  Sorry if I left
out any classes.

After the Event my wife and I are opening up our house to anyone
wanting to revel with us.  Fliers will be at the troll table with
directions to the revel.

May we meet on the field as friends,
Marquet de la Heyt
Student to Don Donovan
Shire of Adlersruhe, Ansteorra

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