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Wed Feb 10 11:27:08 PST 1999

Thank you for your answers.  In the most basic form, yes :

> Open shield formation: A two inch spacing between shields, this is good
> for quick movement before you are in spear range.
> Closed shield formation: Each shield over laps the one next to it
> forming a solid wall, good for close fighting at spear range or less
> Gavin Mac Iain

... is correct.  Magnus has added several good detailed thoughts about these
formations.In an open formation, the "individual prowess" is very important,
which is great for Ansteorran fighters.  It allows us to use our talented
one-on-one fighting skills.  The gap between fighters could be as much as 6
inches and it would still be ok.  Currently, when the command is given to our
unit, we will use about a 2-4 inch gap.  This formation requires that "they ...
think individually."  Each fighter must be aware of his/her surroundings.  The
Open formation could be used to attack small groups with few or no polearms.

The Closed formation could be used during charges (attacking/ defending) and to
protect polearms.  If a unit starts in an open formation, by the time they are
almost in polearm range, the formation will usually be closed.  However, when
advancing, once shield contact is about to be made to break through, there will
be space between the shields.



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