B. Byers phantom at camalott.com
Mon Feb 15 06:51:34 PST 1999


There quite possibly be a command,  that resembles what everyone is calling,
"Advance at the Triple time".
In general i believe the words i previously mentioned "quicktime" were
involved. This command would be a run (as a unit) for positioning purposes
only, not in contact with enemy. Say on the battle field, a Commander sees
an enemy unit manuvering off to is flank. He orders a reserve unit into
position to protect his flank.
the unit commander orders the unit to "double quick time, march"  ( a
jog-run because the soldiers are not instep). When they are are in position
and are facing the enemy, then the order might be given to "CHARGE!". Where
contact with the enemy is encouraged. I cannot see why you would have a
command such as advance at the triple time which is a run. For the command,
Double Time would keep a better unit coherency and not "wind" your troops
before contact with the enemy is made.


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