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Tue Feb 16 21:20:28 PST 1999

> How would you describe the difference in the 'advance', 'advance double
> time', 'advance triple time', and 'charge' commands?

I'm very pleased with all the input and comments on this question.  Let me begin
with the description that was given to us this weekend at the Kingdom War

Advance:  a casual walk forward and maintaining unit cohesion
    (tall and long stride fighters need to take smaller steps and
    short/slower a littler bigger/faster)
Advance Double Time: a fast walk and maintaining unit cohesion
Advance Triple Time: a jog and maintaining unit cohesion
Charge:  an all-out run with no real unit cohesion and
    killing every enemy you can

One of our biggest problems is advancing.  Usually, this command would be used
to move a unit into position, with the main purpose of not tiring out the
fighters while getting there and maintaining the units integrity. There is no
The main differences in the 'charge' and the 'advance triple time' commands
would be the all-out run and no unit cohesion.  The 'Advance Triple Time' could
be used in the following situation:
    A unit is about to fall to the enemy and another unit must prevent this from
happening.  However, they are on the other side of the field.  Thus, the
commander would want the unit to jog (or fast jog), still together in the
present unit formation, to get to where they are needed and still be able to
perform other commands, as unit, when they get there.

As a Kingdom, we do not have any 'set in stone' commands.  However, currently,
these commands that we are discussing are the most commonly used.  Most are from
his Grace Duke Kein's hard work.  Some commands you will hear and see used far
more than others.  But as we grow as a warring Kingdom, we will hopefully
develop a basic list of commands.  That is why I appreciate all comments.  The
commands that we create/adopt may be historical or may be new creations, but
THAT is what make us the Society for a CREATIVE Anachronism.  Together, we will
build this Kingdom ... and show Trimaris and the Know World, that we can be a
strong force on the field ... that our individual prowess can be put together in
teamwork to defeat any enemy that walks onto the battlefield.

Vivat Ansteorra!!
War is only 20 days away!!



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