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Well, perhaps you could just call this a change in terminology. You see,
there is a command, know as "Route Step" which is used in forced marches and
the like, which can be - depending on time and distance, be considered a
walk. It does not have the same measured step as a "March" command and
therefore not as much ground would be covered as the 120 step per minute


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Oh, I see. to the standard "modern" military commands we've inserted
another movement (fast walk)  and called it "Double Time" and renamed
the "modern military" command of Double Time to Triple Time.

Is the object of this exercise to confuse our own troops or the enemy?


On 16 Feb 99, at 23:20, Michael and Tiffany Geisendor wrote:

> Advance:  a casual walk forward and maintaining unit cohesion
>     (tall and long stride fighters need to take smaller steps and
>     short/slower a littler bigger/faster)
> Advance Double Time: a fast walk and maintaining unit cohesion
> Advance Triple Time: a jog and maintaining unit cohesion
> Charge:  an all-out run with no real unit cohesion and
>     killing every enemy you can

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