WR - War Question 7

Michael and Tiffany Geisendorff crator at mail.swbell.net
Wed Feb 17 13:54:10 PST 1999

> Is the object of this exercise to confuse our own troops or the enemy?
> Larkin
> ===

The object of this lesson was to allow you to know what the commands that are to
be given you on the battlefield before you actually hear them. It is not to
confuse you. We (the Chivalry) are going to be getting together after this Gulf
War and setting down a Kingdom standardized set of combat orders. All Brita was
doing with this particular question was telling you what the King, and Duke Kein
had told us this weekend. I'm sorry if you are confused, but, just look at the
orders and go with them. It's all I can do right now either.

Sir Aaron

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