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Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Thu Feb 18 17:04:10 PST 1999

Good Morning one and all,

  The Kingdom Virtual Scribe is looking for people to fill the office of
  Regional Virtual Scribe in the Coastal, Northern and Western Regions
  of Ansteorra.

  I am sure that there are many able and willing people who would like
  to help support their region in this manner, so they should contact
  Krzysztof Kopernik, the Kingdom Virtual Scribe, to get more information
  regarding the position and duties. He can be reached at:
vscribe at ansteorra.org.

  If you would like to read up on the Virtual Scribe's handbook, it can
  be found at:


  If you would like to take a look at the two current regional websites,
  they can be found at:


  The Central address is a test to see if it will work for long term,
  since it simply redirects it to the actual site which can be found at:


  if the central.ansteorra.org address doesn't work. The Central address
  is easier for people to remember, so should hopefully make it easier
  for people to find.

  An announcement similar to this will also be made in the BlackStar in
  the not too distant future.

In Service,

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