WR - Fall 1999 Crown

Jackie ulrica at nwol.net
Sun Feb 28 19:33:16 PST 1999

Dear Gentles,
    I need to write to you and dispell some rumors and gossip.  First of
all, I want to thank those who called to ask.

As you know, the Fall 1999 Crown was scheduled to be done in the Western
Region.  I had thought that it would be enjoyable and sensible for several
of us to throw our bid in together rather than so many individual bids going
in.  This is in part due to the fact that it would be a financial strain on
any one group to host such a large event, in part due to the fact that we
use the same sites quite often, and in a LARGE part because I felt that the
region needs to do things together and work together.  I discussed this with
Gavin  (Treloch) and wrote Elisaid (Mendersham) and then sent in the
paperwork with the three groups (Blacklake, Treloch, and Mendersham) as
co-hosts.  I received my updated calendar yesterday and our bid was

If for any reason you do not feel that your Shire can be a part of this
venture, you need to discuss it with your Seneschal so that they can let me
know.    I have spoken at lengthe with Master Cadwallader who says that
there are many possible sites in that area.  This would be closer to the
Center and should draw large crowds.  The plan calls for the financial
committees to veiw and look at  the sites and do preliminary discussion
sometime in the early summer.

This is great chance for the whole Region to shine once again and to show
our Kingdom what a fantastic special place our Region is.  If you would like
to be a part of this, then start making your plans now!


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