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Armand Dragonetti dragonetti at
Mon May 3 11:36:19 PDT 1999

Greetings Ansteorra,
The recent discussion regarding funding for the kingdom server and a thermometer for tracking donations has inspired me to set up a website for this project. The page is located at:
Please note that the page(s) are not terribly secure and are therefore purely for entertainment. A malicious person can certainly wreck havoc with these, so please do not rely on them for any 'official' information.
The pages allow visitors to make a 'Pledge' and view the total pledges received. In addition, Baroness Mirrim, Ansteorra's Treasurer will have access to allow updates of funds actually received which will also be charted for all to see. Only total's will be displayed, no individual names or amounts will be available, except to the Treasurer, (and myself, of course.) There is no advertising and names will not be collected for future solicitations or any other use save record keeping for the treasurer.
Having said that, I would now like to offer a challenge to the populace. As a firm believer in this project, I am willing to match the first $500 (total) in donations received from INDIVIDUALS (not groups) who make a pledge through this site. Once funds are received and confirmed by the Treasurer, I will send a matching amount to the fund. This pertains to NEW donations only, pledged through this site and confirmed received by the Treasurer. Current receipts by the Treasurer total $331.31 from the Red Tape event and a few individual contributors. This $331.31 is excluded from the matching offer as it begins from this point forward. So make your $ count twice as much and help us enhance our kingdom with a contribution.

If you have any trouble, comments, or suggestions, please email me privately at dragonetti at
Note: The site is served at ISDN speed, so there may be a few delays if activity momentarily picks up. But be patient, it's not graphics intensive and should load relatively soon.
In service to Ansteorra,
Ld. Armand Dragonetti
Elfsea Historian
Squire to Sir Galen of Bristol
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