ANST-Announce - Amber Merchant At Beltain

Jerry Mapes jrmapes at
Mon May 3 15:54:05 PDT 1999

Tristan, please forward this to the Ansteorran lists.

Greetings, good gentles.
      I am Mhairi MacKay. Some of you may already know me as I often 
merchant in Northern Ansteorra. I have spoken to several people about
lack of good amber available in the midwest and have mentioned that I
would be carrying amber as soon as I could locate a good source. That
has been done and I am pleased to announce that the amber is in and it
is beautiful! 
And my wholesaler, who is in Lithuania, assures me that there is NO 
shortage of amber, only a lot of greedy retailers who want to keep the 
prices jacked up.
I will be at the BELTAINE in OKC this weekend. And as always, I will
have sterling silver(lots of large size rings!!), gemstone jewelry, and 
books. I hope to see all there!
                            In service,
                                   Mhairi MacKay
                                   celticstar98 at
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