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Warren T. Klinger bentnose at juno.com
Sat May 8 20:57:24 PDT 1999

Unto my fellow Ansteorrans and Thunder Brother and Sisters;

This note is to let all of you know that Steppes Warlord is to be my last
event in our fine kingdom. The reason for this is that I have gotten
engaged and am moving to the Principality of the Mists, Kingdom of the
West (San Francisco, California) to live with my fiance. Her name is
Martha Schendorf and because she has seen how hospitalable we are here,
she is going to start playing with us when I get there. I will be leaving
our fair Kingdom on June 12, 1999. I do not know when I will be back for
a visit or for permanant reasons, but I will keep all advised as I plan
on keeping in touch with everyone who wants to. I am after all a born and
bred true ANSTEORRAN. For those of you who will be at Steppes Warlord, I
will say my goodbyes then and for those of you who won't, I will say my
goodbyes on June 11th. Know that I hold dear in my heart all my freinds
and family of Ansteorra and I will never forget you.

In Service to the Kingdom and the Dream;

Lord Angus Duncan Cameron
Kingdom Stock Clerk
Shire of Mendersham
Silver bearing Light Green and Dark Blue
Infinite Thunder

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