ANST-Announce - Re: CR - Coastal Regional Melee Group - Earl Marshal's Challenge

Lorraine and/or Kief deer_kief at
Sun May 9 13:50:46 PDT 1999

Heilsa all...

I read this on the Coastal Region list. Here's my challenge:
I would like to see ALL of the Regions and/or groups follow the lead of the 
Coastal folk and form training programs for your local
Ansteorra's War efforts will be much enhanced if you do....

Waes Thu Hael my countrymen...!
Kief - EM Ansteorra
"Better the Hammer than the nail..."


>The Baronies of Loch Solleir and Stargate have formed a Coastal Regional
>Melee Group to encourage melee fighting arts.  Officially, we will
>practice one Tuesday night each month (although we will probably practice
>some melee at every Tuesday practice).  Our first practice will be on
>Tuesday, May 25th.  The location will be at Sir Alexis' house unless we
>can use the UH campus by then.  Further details can be provided by Sir
>Alexis or myself.  If the practice is at Alexis', we encourage combat
>archers to also attend.  Loaner armor will be available.  If anyone from
>the other branches of the Coastal Region would like to work with us or
>start their own local practice with a thought toward later integration,
>contact me at ulsted at
>Centurion Ulsted the Unsteady
>Knight Marshall, Loch Solleir

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