ANST-Announce - Bardic Challenge at Castellan

Scott Fridenberg scottf at
Sun May 9 19:31:47 PDT 1999

Greetings from Robert Fitzmorgan

	I am issuing a challenge to the poets of Ansteorra.  The prize is 1 POUND OF
AMBER.  The conditions of the challenge are:

You must write a new poem specifically for this challenge.
The poem must be in a formal verse form in use before 1600 A.D.
Documentation is required.  
	Documentation should include:
	A description of the form you are using.
	The time and place in which this form was used.
	Why you chose this form for this poem.
	A copy of the poem.
I want to keep a copy of the documentation.  

	The judging will take place at Northkeep's Castellan Tourney in 2 weeks. 
This challenge is not a part of competition to choose the next Bard of
	I'm issuing this challenge to try and attract Bards to Northkeep who might
not normally come to Castellan, and because I want to hear some new poems. 
What I'm looking for in the documentation is enough information that I could
write a poem using that form.  I will judge based on the quality of the poem,
not the quality of the documentation.  

	I would also like to encourage others to issue challenges supporting arts
that they enjoy.

Robert Fitzmorgan
Barony of Northkeep
Minstral of Mooneschadowe
Bard of Nordsteorra
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