ANST-Announce - Wanted-Youth Boffer Marshalls

Tim Lozos timden at
Tue May 11 06:15:56 PDT 1999


I am currently looking for good gentles who wish to participate in the Youth
Boffer program as Marshalls and Officers. This program is currently under
development and needs imput.

What is needed......

Regional Officers- One for each region as is currently done. As with an
Officers position, this requires membership. Gentles with Heavy Fighting
experience, Marshallete experience, Boffer experience, and Parental
experience preferred.

Local officers- This position is not required at this time. However, I will
accept apps. and interested feedback for these positions.

Marshalls at large- Gentles with experience or just a desire to promote
Youth combat  in Ansteorra

Our goal is to have a Marshallete structure in place and a finalized  set of
rules by ATYC

Please send all apps and commentry to: timden at 

Thank You

Timo Kalamanos
Deputy Kingdom Marshall, Youth Combat

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