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 Greetings unto Bonwicke and the Western Region
 On May 15th the Barony of Bonwicke has been ask to participate in the
 Slaton Fly-in, their annual air show.  We have a front row seat for being
 the first group that the general populace will see.  We have a large area
 and wish for as many people as possible to come and enjoy the day.  There
 will be many activities going on at the show.  We are just one of many. 
 I as Vicaress have ask that an rapier and armored  tourney be held that day.
  I have a prize of a cloak for the armored and a King Charles dress blade
 for the rapier.  I hope that many will come to be seen as well and show
 off your many forms of art.  We have a fairly large area.  I would love
 for you to bring your arts finished or unfinished, to be displayed.  We
 would love for you to be working on your arts as well.  
 I need people to help set up on Friday.  The activities begin at 9am.  We
 would like for the people to start showing up at 8:30 am.
 I may even consider a prize for Arts and Science display!!
 The site is the Slaton Municipal Airport on North FM 400 north of Slaton.
 Thanks for all your help in advance
 Anastasiya >
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